Jim is an outstanding trainer, so much so that after losing touch with him many years ago, when I decided that I wanted to resume training, I spent time seeking him out and, fortunately for me, reconnected with him. Jim and I reunited for training about a year ago after I had undergone a very serious and wildly debilitating back surgery. Obviously I was quite concerned and nervous about hitting the gym again. Jim basically, took a physical inventory of me and tailored a routine that specifically targeted the areas that I needed to strengthen in order to lead a functional and effective physical lifestyle. I am beyond grateful for his direction and his genuine concern. He is attentive, committed and flexible. He pushes me in a responsible and thoughtful way that allows me to achieve far more than I would be able to on my own. He continues to understand my limitations and he adjusts my routine to work within those boundaries. I have seen significant results from my training with him not just in my physical appearance, but I also feel healthier on the inside. There truly are no words for me to explain how amazing Jim is not just as a trainer but also as a person. I can offer no endorsement that could adequately do him justice. He is the best.

Jonathan H.