Fantone Fitness

It's about Fitness. A fit life is a fun life!


Since coming to New York in 1990 to study at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, physical fitness has become my life.  If you are here reading this, no doubt you are considering making it a part of yours.  I will help you realize your goals safely and systematically through conditioning, strength building and periodization.

  Everyone I meet tells me they need to work out or lose weight.  They are frustrated because they work out but never seem to get anywhere. There is a reason for that!   Specific principles must be applied to get the body to change.  Most television commercials would have you believe that you don’t have to watch your diet at all.  “Lose that belly fat in just five minutes a day, without exercise.” Come on.  If that were true, everyone would be doing it and everyone would be HOT!

 Let’s be realistic here.  The truth is that exercise is a science.  If you don’t have accurate information you won’t get the results.  Some people believe that doing “sit-ups” will flatten your stomach.  That’s because they only have some of the information.  The fact is, “sit-ups don’t flatten anything, they strengthen the abs, period.  If you want to flatten the abs you’ve got to burn belly fat and tone the core.  If you want a flat tummy get ready for some serious nutrition advice.

With the proper technique, attention to form and coaching you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.  I have worked with people of all ages and abilities.  We will work together to create a program specific to your needs and goals.  With 20 years of personal training experience, I assure you I will find a way to motivate you and make your workout fun and Fantone Fitnesseffective.

There are so many choices of workout styles, I’m sure we’ll find the right one for you.  Pilates Mat, Basic Training for the Core, Boot Camp Blast, Kick boxing, plyometrics and good old fashioned weight training.  We will strengthen all the essential elements that make for a strong fit body. Are you ready?

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