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Jim is an outstanding trainer, so much so that after losing touch with him many years ago, when I decided that I wanted to resume training, I spent time seeking him out and, fortunately for me, reconnected with him. Jim and I reunited for training about a year ago after I had undergone a very serious and wildly debilitating back surgery. Obviously I was quite concerned and nervous about hitting the gym again. Jim basically, took a physical inventory of me and tailored a routine that specifically targeted the areas that I needed to strengthen in order to lead a functional and effective physical lifestyle. I am beyond grateful for his direction and his genuine concern. He is attentive, committed and flexible. He pushes me in a responsible and thoughtful way that allows me to achieve far more than I would be able to on my own. He continues to understand my limitations and he adjusts my routine to work within those boundaries. I have seen significant results from my training with him not just in my physical appearance, but I also feel healthier on the inside. There truly are no words for me to explain how amazing Jim is not just as a trainer but also as a person. I can offer no endorsement that could adequately do him justice. He is the best.

Jonathan H.

Results! I’ve had a great time in boot camp and I can feel and see the difference! Jim is motivating, knowledgeable, and professional, and we always have fun! Training with Jim has been a fantastic, life-changing experience!

Nancy P.


I’m going through a boot camp with Fantone Fitness, and it has been a fantastic experience. He’s never late, always pleasant, and gets the most out of you. I tell all my friends about Fantone Fitness, he’s the best!

Larry J.


Jim is ultimate professional, he knows what you need and how far he can push you for your individual best without hurting you.

Efim B.


I have worked with Jim Fantone on and of for over 20 years. Nobody’s been able to get me into shape like he can! He knows so much about fitness and making it fun. Jim is creative and brilliant with any special circumstances a person may need to work around, such as injuries etc. He’s simply the BEST trainer there is! A+

Chloe F.


I have been working out with Jim for three years and rely on his expertise to keep me in my best physical condition ever! He is knowledgeable about the body and is able to challenge me to become stronger while adjusting my workouts to accommodate past injuries.

Judy K.


Jim Fantone has been my trainer for almost twenty years. Although I am a writer, I can’t put into words how much I respect and admire him. He sees to it that I push myself a little bit more than I want to, and always in the most encouraging and caring manner. I have never been athletic and have always been shy about my skills in that department. Jim has made me feel more confident and secure. Working out always seemed like something other people could do – not me. But for years now I have looked forward to my sessions with Jim Fantone. I can’t imagine a better trainer!

Alfred U.


I have never worked out before, and never belonged to a gym. I have been so impressed with the fantastic results after the first few months with Jim Fantone. He is personable, efficient, professional, and gears my training to my specific needs. I was a little nervous at first, but he put me completely at ease. Can’t rave enough about him.

Bill S.


Jim has been my trainer for nearly 20 years. He is extremely knowledgeable, diligently enforcing use of correct form, and finding creative solutions. He is thoughtful in balancing rigor with reality. Jim takes his work very seriously, is 100% reliable and dedicated to his clients. He is also fun and easy to talk to! I would highly recommend Jim without hesitation.

Mindy M.


I’ve been training with Jim since 2001 and attribute my overall high level of fitness to him. We were able to work together even through sports injuries. His great knowledge of physiology made me confident I would not further aggravate the conditions. I healed fast and never lost strength. Bravo to Jim!

Joan S.













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