Fantone Fitness

It's about Fitness. A fit life is a fun life!

Personal Training Packages

If you’re sincerely interested in getting in better shape and are willing to go to any lengths to get there, please contact me to discuss your own personal training package. Each person is evaluated and assessed to determine what individual needs they have and the most efficient way to address those needs. Please contact me so we can work out a plan for you.


Sessions include:

Fitness evaluation

Body fat testing


Before Photos

Nutritional education


Correct exercise instruction

Ongoing coaching and advice between sessions

And photos of you exercising if desired.

Any questions?

Please note; all sessions have a 24 hour cancellation policy

917-657-5489 – – phone – –  email


$150 for one session

$1350 for ten sessions

$2400 for twenty sessions

$3150 for thirty sessions

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