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More for your core!


Kneel down and get on all fours. Hence the name Quadruped. Place your hands directly under your shoulders and keep your elbows unlocked. Check to see that your knees are directly under your hip sockets. This may not happen automatically. Keep your neck long from the back, you will be looking straight down.  In this position, draw your stomach muscles up toward your spine, without moving your back. These muscles are your Transverse Abdominals  very important muscles. They are your inner core. This exercise is designed to strengthen them so pay close attention to what is happening there. This position in the basic Quadruped.


From here, reach out with your right arm and back with your left leg, like a pointer dog. Make sure your abdominals stay firm and don’t arch your back. Thumb is pointing up and arm about 45% away from your head. Good hold that for 5 seconds, then place those limbs down and repeat on the other side.  Do each side 5 tiimes. Making sure your back does not arch and your stomach muscles remain engaged the entire time. That is the quadruped.

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