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Fantone Fitness Superman

Who do you think you are, Superman?


Extend yourself! That’s right, for a great lower back exercise you must extend yourself.

I call it the Superman or Human Cannon Ball.

Kneel behind a 55 cm stability ball and stay tall, keeping the ball low in front of you. Extend from the knees so you begin to lean forward on the ball. Straighten out your legs and balance with your hips resting on the ball. Reach behind you with straight arms, palms facing up. Remember, the ball’s job is to throw you down on the floor. Be ready, don’t let it. If you’re having trouble balancing at first, you can put your feet against a wall for stability.


Ready? Once you’re in position, hips on the ball, extended out over it, lift your torso up a few inches by arching your lower back. This exercise feels good to most people because it instantly brings circulation to the lower back muscles, namely the erector spinae.


Hold your position for 30 seconds to start and work your way up to a minute. Here is a good time to add in a posture check by gently squeezing your shoulder blades together and reaching back with your hands, pulling your shoulders away from your ears.  Keep your eyes looking down so you don’t stick out your chin, Ahhh, feels good. If it doesn’t, don’t do it and go get a trainer to help you.

This is a safe low-back exercise, but remember start easy and build up your time gradually.

Have fun Super-person!

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