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I love the rain!

Rain is Motivating to me!

Push up/Pull up Kick-ass Cardio!

I love the rain, NOT!  But as always, I make the best of everything and that means finding a way to love the rain. For me anything that makes me want to stay inside, makes me want to be in the gym. So, that means today is a “Get to the gym” day. There is so much fun to be had at the gym. Pull ups are the most challenging, oh and push ups.  I’ve got it. As many pull ups as you can do, then as many push ups as you can do followed by 10 minutes on the bike. Then as many as you can again,(push ups/pull ups), then 10 minutes on the step machine (it’s good for you). Again with the push ups/pull ups and then on to the elliptical for 10 minutes. Once more as many push ups and pull ups as you can. Takes about 45 minutes and you’ve got your strength training and great cardio, all in one workout.  Then stretch for 10 minutes, Ahhhhhh, feels good doesn’t it. And remember you can modify pull ups by doing weight assisted pull ups or even pull downs. (if you can do even a few real pull ups, DO them).  Have fun!

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