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Mental Hygiene

Ok, everybody. Here is my challenge to you. Each year many people make New Years resolutions. This year, following another shoulder surgery, I vowed to get into the best shape of my life. I challenge you all join me in the fun. I believe that being fit is not only getting into the gym, but also being more positive about life in general. I call it “Mental Hygiene”

Mental Hygiene is about keeping your thoughts clean. Holding yourself responsible for your own happiness by taking charge of your thoughts. I am talking about,self-talk. Saying only positive things about yourself. I mean, what’s the point in working out and eating right, if we’re not also disciplined in our thoughts. I’m a firm believer in positive affirmations. What I say during the day determines how I feel. I must be vigilant because those negative thoughts creep in so quickly and before I know it, I am telling myself I’ve messed up or I’m not good enough in some way. I end up beating myself up and becoming my own worst enemy.

Well, I’m done with that. From now on I am only going to accept the highest praise from myself, to myself and about myself. I am a great friend. I am in great shape. I am worthy of wealth and abundance. I am living a wonderful life. Won’t you join me?

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