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The Start Of a New Season

Shirtless ChefEvery year we get all “wrapped” up about the holidays! This is a tough time for most people I know and I want to take this time to wish everyone well and make a special request.

Please don’t beat yourself up by being too hard on yourself or by eating far too much. Take it from a sugar-binge-eater, gone Paleo… nobody’s perfect.

Try to keep an even keel. Not too much, but enjoy it a little bit more than you usually do.

Then, in January you can join us all in “getting back on the plan” I promise you I will be working out more and eating much cleaner come January 2nd!

So, join in on the holiday festivities, (a little) and join in on the fun a lot!  See you in January, maybe a little bit fatter, but definitely a lot more motivated. Let’s do it together.

Check out this link for some new ideas about holiday meals.

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