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Are you ready?

I’m getting ready..

It’s what I do.

It’s January and you know what that means!

What? No. Not a new year’s resolution, sorry. Not sorry.

I am getting ready again. Every day. Again.

What is it with you Americans?

Every year celebrating something that doesn’t exist.

New Year’s day? You mean a new year?

Well that could happen on January 18th.

February 23rd.

March 11th

April 23rd.

Why January 1st?

Never mind.

If it needs explaining, just never mind.

I’m getting ready. For what, you ask?

Now. That’s it. Now

There is no holiday.

Made up.

There isn’t any day more important than this.

I refuse to compare

I refuse to complain

I refuse to celebrate one over the other




I am getting ready for now

And now

And now

By being here and now.

If you don’t understand me

You don’t

I am


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One thought on “Are you ready?

  1. You are a fitness miracle fosure! What an example of selve care and believe that everything is possible each day, no matter what!! I love that. Thank you for sharing your example of owning your physical and mental path. Truly inspiration xoxox

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