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2 22 22

Two crazy! Two months. Two different angles. 3 months shy of three years since my total shoulder replacement. First time I’ve been willing to show my body from the left side. Check out that wicked scar!

That’s all. Just checking in. Life is good. One day at a time. Getting through the day is an inside job. If you take care of the inside, it all falls into place. Or not. And you deal with it. 2/22/2022 Another day in the life. A day in your life. Make the most of it. Stay fit. Physically and mentally. Exercise your right to a happy life. February 2022.

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2 thoughts on “2 22 22

  1. John Friedlander on said:

    Right on, Jim.

    Triple deuce (02/22) is my anniversary date.

    Glad we’re on the path and to see you fit and trim as always.

    John Friedlander 917-826-4413

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