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The Year of the Shoulder

Another 12 week challenge complete! I managed to drop 12 pounds and 3.5% body fat in 12 weeks. This year is especially important because it’s “The Year of the Shoulder” I’m 60 and I’m finally going to bite the bullet and get that long delayed shoulder operation. I’m going in fit and ready for a strong recovery. Here’s me at 140 pounds and 8.5% body fat! Wooohooo!

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One thought on “The Year of the Shoulder

  1. These pictures are truly amazing Jim!! You look insane!! Check out those abs!!! My god!!! I’m very, very impressed, as always baby. You work hard at everything you do. Such a rare and priceless trait to have. I’m a lucky woman that I get to experience what being in THAT kind of great shape can bring to the table baby, wooo!! Hehehhehehhehe, oh I mean bed. hehehehhehe Gorgeous!!!! I know these are hidden. You are burnin up a fever with that body!!!
    You will breeze through your surgery, I imagine a pt such as yourself is a rarity. You’re not sixty!!!!! xoxoxoxox I love you madly!!! xoxoxo

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